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M A L O 

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York. I studied photography, graphic design, and video production at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree. Since 2014 I have have been working within the motion picture industry working mainly in the camera department camera operator, 1st & 2nd AC as well as a unit still photographer. Between films, I freelance with my own projects throughout the world working with musicians, covering events, lifestyle and culture. My personal conceptual work is dedicated to exploring and teaching about the human condition; attempting to document my interpretations of how our world is continuously changing. Through extensive travel and interactions I have developed an emotional connection to capturing life on a conceptual level. This experience has raised my passion for the arts. Working mainly with photography and video, I create with the purpose of exposing raw human conditions.


I strive to exceed the expectations of people viewing an image by encouraging the observer to experience something real, meaningful, and deeper than just the surface. In my creative efforts, I am reminded that everyone experiences life differently due to their diverse backgrounds, but ultimately we share human emotions that we can all relate to. I would like the observer of my work to come away feeling visually fulfilled yet intellectually curious. When I connect with the individual on an emotional level, allowing them to experience joy, fear, love, sadness, vulnerability, or other emotions, I feel that I have succeeded as an artist. My work is designed to remind the viewer that he or she is not alone in a chaotic world. In fact my work is intended to open their horizons of compassion and understanding. My goal is to always move the viewer to take action or change their original interpretations.


Much of my contemporary work explores the tension between identity, memory, time, and relationships. Many of my subjects do not fully embrace an identity to avoid damage based on existing beliefs and prejudices. Other works concentrate on the human condition. Interactions within relationships, the struggle between good and evil, environmental concerns, social issues, personal identities, and progressions of time. To express my own sadness, frustration, and uneasiness in the uncertain times we live in, I am currently exploring and capturing the truth behind the deceit. My hope is to interest people in realizing the true transgression of what is happening in our world today. Through my work, I hope to shed light on the darkest of places.


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